Reasons to choose Openbravo ERP


Easy to use software is more productive

Easy to use, Openbravo talks your language and has grids like spreadsheets. User experience is the most determining factor because it’s your people who will make your ERP a success in Mauritius and Africa.

No longer do you need to remember ERP-specific jargons, we customise Openbravo so that all texts used are familiar to you. You will fall in love with the interface of Openbravo ERP’s interface.

100% Web Based and Cloud Ready

Openbravo ERP based solutions are truly web-based. All you need is your web browser – no plugins to install or dependencies since Openbravo ERP can work on your Windows, Mac OS or Linux systems.Easily replace faulty devices with minimal down-time.

Web-based also means you can eliminate the investment in expensive servers and high overheads of SHDSL or other leased lines in Mauritius.

100% Customisation Freedom

Traditional ERP Mauritius vendors encounter a limit to the degree of customisation, causing the customer to compromise on several functions. Why pay high license fees for restricted customisation to your business processes.

Unlike other competing solutions, Openbravo ERP is opensource: the Openbravo Partner has full access to modify the source code, add new functions as well as override existing windows and processes.

Modules for various industries and functions

Functionalities of Openbravo ERP
Industries we serve, tailored to Mauritius and African countries

Where your Operations are complex, we implement a custom made system to which Openbravo ERP is integrated to.

Experienced and Skilled Team

Our Mauritian ERP consultants have on average 12+ years of experience. All have masters degree (MBA and MSc), speak English and French and experienced developers in our very own development office. This means we speak your language, can understand your requirements and help you improve efficiency in your organisation in Mauritius, Reunion, Malaysia, Ghana and other countries.